Steps on how to get to your workplace

Step 1.

You’ll land at the airport, get your bags, go through customs and find the right train or bus to Groningen. 

  • You can use public transport to travel from the airport to our office in Groningen. (Use the link: and you can plan your trip to anywhere in the Netherlands). If you travel by public transport you need to choose as the destination: Groningen main station. (In the link shown as Groningen - Train Station - Groningen).
  • Tip: get yourself a snack and a drink and enjoy the flat Dutch landscape 😉 

Step 2.

When you’re on the train or bus to Groningen please send us an WhatsApp or call us 🚌 📱

  • •    We would like to welcome you, so please give us your travel schedule and your arrival time in Groningen.

Step 3.

When you arrive in Groningen go to your hostel and relax 😴

  • •    Again, you can use public transport to travel from the bus or train station to the hostel in Groningen. Use the link:

Step 4.

After a good night’s sleep, get ready and take your bags with you 👜

  • Make sure you’re ready at time of your pickup by Deborah, Geert and Yvette.
  • Take all your bags with you because after all the paperwork you’ll go directly to your workplace

Step 5.

Paperwork power 💪 We’ll organize all the paperwork together with you so you can work legally in the Netherlands.

  • We’ll pick you up from the hostel.
  • We’ll go to the City Hall with you to get your citizen service number.
  • We’ll go to our office together to finalize your contract and explain everything to you. 

Step 6.

Your last step to your final destination: your workplace 🏁

  • We’ll explain how you get to your new workplace.
  • And off you go: your adventure starts now!

General information about the netherlands

Information about the Netherlands in general about the following topics:

  • Work and Income
  • Health
  • Tourism
  • Culture
  • Study
  • Driving 

Public health insurance

Information about health insurance: 

Praktische info werken in Nederland | JIJ Uitzendbureau

Train and bus

Plan your routes with public transport in the Netherlands with the following company:

It is widely used by all Dutch people.

By boat, to a Waddeneiland

How to get to the Waddeneilanden by boat. 🚢
Check the information of the ferry company per island.

Welcome and enjoy the Netherlands

Werken op de wadden - praktische info - afbeelding nederlandse molens

Do you have questions?

Are you on your way but are you not sure about some things? 
You can call Geert, Deborah or Yvette, they are happy to help.

Call us on the following number: